April 3 / Just for you

"The concept of spiritual awakening is variously expressed, according to the many different types of people we meet in the brotherhood."
Basic Text, p. 57

Although we all work the same Steps, each of us experiences the spiritual awakening that arises in our own unique way. Spiritual awakening is experienced in many different ways, depending on the person.

For some of us the spiritual awakening promised by the Twelfth Step will have the effect of renewing our interest in some religion or philosophy. Others will finally turn their gaze to the people around them, perhaps experiencing compassion for them for the first time. Others have been helped by the Steps to recognize their personal moral principles and values. Most of us experience spiritual awakening as a combination of all of these, unique as each of us is unique.

So if there are so many ways to experience a spiritual awakening, how can we be sure it happened to us? Two characteristics are mentioned in the Twelfth Step: We have found principles capable of guiding us, principles that we would like to apply in all our affairs. Second, we now care enough about other addicts to share our experience with them. Regardless of the details of our personal awakening, we are all given the guidance and love we need to live a spiritual and fulfilling life.

Only for today

No matter how I experience spiritual awakening, it helps me to have love and excitement in my life. And for that I am grateful.